Take Control of
Your Cloud Data

The Vaultive Cloud Security Platform applies a broad collection of cloud security and governence capabilities to one problem — protecting sensitive data in your IT-sanctioned cloud applications.

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Feature-Preserving Encryption

Industry-leading cloud encryption capabilities protect both structured and unstructured data with customer-controlled keys and support for advanced use cases like cross-platform encrypted email, file import/export, secure web chat, and field-level searchable encryption.

Context-Aware Policy Controls

An application-aware policy engine monitors user interaction with SaaS applications and can respond appropriately to enforce consistent security and governance on all cloud computing activities.

Alerting & Analytics

The same analysis engine that actively enforces security controls can passively log suspicious cloud activities and transmit to third-party security information and event management (SIEM) and analytics tools.

Enterprise Scalability

Meet your organization’s demands for disaster recovery and failover, across locations, with a distributed, hierarchical management model, stateless architecture, and features such as load balancing and high availability.