Take Control of
Your Cloud Data

The Vaultive CASB platform applies a broad collection of cloud security capabilities to one problem—protecting sensitive data in your IT-sanctioned cloud applications.

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Advanced Cloud Encryption

Industry-leading cloud encryption capabilities protect both structured and unstructured data with customer-controlled keys and support for advanced use cases like cross-platform encrypted email, file import/export, secure web chat, and field-level searchable encryption.

Cloud Application Privilege Management

An application-aware policy engine enforces user privileges consistently across SaaS applications with granularity that far exceeds the native controls offered by cloud service providers.

Alerting and Analytics

The same analysis engine that actively enforces security controls can passively log suspicious cloud activities and transmit to third-party security information and event management (SIEM) and analytics tools.

Cloud Data Loss Prevention

A data-inspection engine monitors information being transmitted to the cloud and performs actions such as selective data redaction or file block and quarantine based on data characteristics or data lookups against company data sources.